Used cooking oil collections

Our local cooking oil collections are possible due to our dedicated and reliable team. The NSO Oils team provides efficient, eco-friendly services to ensure that your restaurant, catering or food business is completely compliant with environmental legislation.
Collections that work around you

Collections that work around you

We collect your used cooking oils and fats on a regular basis which you can find on our calendar. This is usually on a weekly, biweekly, monthly, bimonthly or requested basis. All of the oil that we collect can be in your fresh oil containers which we will recycle for you in order to keep your waste levels down. This allows us to not only collect your oil safely and securely but allows us to put them to better use later.
While collecting your oil we also offer fresh high-quality cooking oil so that not only will your cooking oil be disposed of, however, you can also replenish your oil stock at the same time. This helps us keep our carbon footprint low and yours too.

It is all of our duty if…

A food business is a business that processes, distributes or sells food which means that by law you are required to dispose of all of your organic waste responsibly or you will end up with a hefty fine (and nobody wants that). This means that as a food business you need a certified supplier that is certified for collection and waste disposal (oh wait, that’s us).

How we can help

How we can help

Here at NSO Oils we can supply you with suitable containers in order to collect your waste cooking oil efficiently. Once we collect your oil, these are replaced with sterilized containers for you to refill with your new used cooking oil.

With every collection we provide your delivery and collection detail as well as your duty of care information. This gives you proof of collection from a registered collector, ensuring that is had been disposed of correctly.

Each collection is booked around a time to suit you, after all, we all have our own time clocks and we understand that sometimes things can run a bit late or just simply not be convenient. That’s why we allow you to book your collections to suit.

What are the benefits?

  • All of the cooking oil that we collect is responsibly recycled.
  • We are dedicated to the highest industry standards as well as safety practices.
  • NSO Oils is local to you. Our team and our fleet.
  • Your company gets regular and reliable collections.
  • We are fully compliant and insured. This allows us to protect you from getting any fines for not disposing of your oil responsibly.
  • Along with collecting your oil we also supply it straight to your doorstep.
Areas We Cover

Areas We Cover

Here at NSO Oils, we have local routes around the area. These run weekly or biweekly in order to complete all customer orders effectively as possible.

Each of our rounds are completed with notification to the driver and business owner.

If you want to book a route or get in touch with NSO Oils then you can click the button below.
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