Waste cooking oil collection is one service that many would expect to be a simple task, but it requires a surprising amount of experience. By hiring a waste oil removal business that doesn’t have much experience, you risk a wide variety of problems that could ultimately end up affecting your business. Here are just a few of the risks of hiring an inexperienced company.

Safe storage might otherwise not be used

In all cases, cooking oil needs to be allowed to cool and harden before being transported, or you risk injuring people with hot oil during transportation. However, once it has been transported and stored, the excess cooking oil needs to be stored in an airtight and waterproof container in order to keep the oil from leaking into drains and attracting vermin. Less experienced companies may offer a less effective and thorough method of storage, so your oil could end up causing significant damage to drainage and the environment.

You may risk fines

Whilst many people know that waste cooking oil being poured down drains or otherwise leaking into plumbing is likely to cause significant amounts of damage to the pipes, not many people know that there are laws against causing this damage. These are laws that inexperienced or brand new oil collection services may either not be aware of, or not be fully compliant with. If your oil is being used in a way that risks causing damage, you might ultimately be left to foot the bill.

An experienced company is adaptable

When it comes to the catering industry, everyone needs to know how to change their working methods. At NSO Oils, we have years of experience in helping both large and small companies in disposing of their used oil, allowing us to tailor our responses to support your business. If you need a highly tailored cooking oil removal service, get in touch with NSO Oils today, and a member of our friendly team of experts will discuss exactly what our service entails, and how we can support you.

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